What is it about Asian cooking? It’s just always awesome! I have never experienced a bad meal, food poisoning, rude wait staff or what not. Asian restaurants and Asian food to me is a little piece of heaven on a plate.

I grew up in Footscray, Victoria which makes many people think that I’m a hardcore homie. I’m actually the opposite. I don’t do anything illegal, never been in trouble with the law, I talk in a professional manner and I always like to dress properly. Not that I’m bad mouthing Footscray, it’s just, well, sometimes many of the people that you see there probably need some sort of welfare assistance. Not that that’s a bad thing either. I’m proud to be from Footscray, I love it and it will always be home to me. I also enjoy watching it on The Footy Show (AFL version, thank you very much!) as it makes me laugh like a hyena and I know exactly where each scene is filmed. It didn’t help my homesickness though when I moved to Perth!
Footscray is also home to the most spectacular Asian food gastronomy in the country as far as I’m concerned! Hopkins Street is filled with restaurants and while I can’t tell you which one I like the most (they’re all pretty darned amazing), I have never experienced a bad meal. Of course I’m a thrill seeker so I leave alot to chance such as, if a particular restaurant is packed out, it’s a genuine indication that the food and service will be good.
Some restaurants have failed over the years but there will always be another one to replace it with a better menu. If you haven’t tried it yet I thoroughly suggest you do at least once in your life.
Parking is a bit of a hassle there, so unless you want an early dinner, catch the train to Footscray. It’s just two short streets away so you don’t have to walk to far. Catch either a Sydenham, Williamstown or Werribee line and you’ll be on your way to a fabulous feast!

If you’re after something sweet instead, there are many Asian themed bakeries to indulge in. The cakes and bread rolls are simply to die for. Pick some up and take home for desert. Or a popular new thing is Bubble Tea. It’s tea just more interesting. There are many different choices on the menu so many your way to Footscray…right….NOW!

If you’re a bit strapped for cash (hay, who isn’t these days), head over to the Footscray Market, or there are many Asian supermarkets to wonder through. Many of the grocer’s sell Asian produce, spices and sauces where you can get creative at home.
I must admit, I’m a big fan of buying jars at the supermarket all ready to go in the frying pan mixed with chicken. But now you really have to watch what you eat and it’s not just only for the fat content. Many “low-fat” products have a high quantity of sugar and sodium but there’s also another threat in the mix. Watch out for those nasty numbers and added MSG. I don’t really know what MSG stands for and I don’t think I want to but I had it once and it really makes you loopy!
At the back of any jar you will come across the ingredients list with all these preservatives and their numbers, unless you’re a scientist or food technologist you really don’t know what you putting in your body. It takes a bit of hard work but go the extra mile, do some research and visit an Asian supermarket and speak to the staff who can give you advice on how you can make your own curries and spices at home. Rather than buying just one jar, purchase many different condiments to add to your chicken, meat, seafood, what not plus veggies to add in the mix. It may take you a bit more time to prepare but you will be amazed at how good the food tastes and the peace of mind, that you won’t be putting anything bad in your body.

Today is Saturday. Head over to your local market and get inspired! Food is there to be eaten, not just looked at. Unleash your creative side and if you fail, it’s ok, it means your human and try again.

I could never be a model, I’m an Italian girl with a love of food, any food. Carbs are not evil, it’s ok to eat fat occasionally, put some salt on your food and enjoy life!

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