Welcome to my first ever blog. I am really excited to be doing this. Lately I’ve been thinking, I need a hobby. I used to collect keyrings and seashells as a child and then it was perfumes when I was a little older (and it got quite expensive!). But now I’m 26, in a committed (I hate the word defacto!) relationship with mortgages and I’m a full-time uni student (don’t ask how we manage, but we do). There needs to be something more to my life other than studying and cleaning a house.

Enter the relishing world of travel! And following travel comes the awesome food one can experience. According to my family, I’ve always been a fussy eater but I don’t think that’s the case. However, my palate has certainly changed over the years and since moving interstate (Perth) and then back to Melbourne and purchasing our own home, I had to learn to put up with foods I didn’t think I liked. Turns out I do!

Ok enough about that. And more about me! Name is Louise, my favourite colour is pink, proud Melbourian, I have the most amazing and supportive boyfriend in the world (sorry ladies, I took the last one), let’s just call him Mister for the blog, I have travelled to many places and eaten lots of food. I also lived interstate in Perth for two years as that’s where Mister is from. It was there that I enrolled at Edith Cowan University to study public relations (PR). I completed my Certificate at TAFE in PR and actually woke up one morning and decided to go to univeristy. BEST DECISION EVER! Now I’m enrolled at Victoria University, I love university (yeah I know!), I love PR and, most importantly it applies to this blog, I love writing. I hope this introduction didn’t bore you, enjoy my blog and hopefully you’ll get some tips and tricks (hmm, I’ll have to work on this one) from it.

Enjoy! 🙂

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