When I was 22 I met Mister. I first saw him at Crown Casino and usually I’m pretty upfront and have confidence but this time I was panicking. Here was the most gorgeous man I had ever laid my eyes on and I didn’t have the guts to go up to him. I pointed him out to my friend and after what seemed like two hours (it probably was) we were finally talking. It all started out good, we introduced ourselves and our friends, asked each other if we were having a good time, what do we do for a living and then he asked me the most stupid question you could possibly ask a Victorian, “What footy team do you follow? I follow the Eagles”. I swear my heart stopped for a few minutes while I was trying to process the information I had just been given. Here in front of me was a gorgeous, well educated man (Mister does something in tax, he’s told me heaps of times but it’s just soooooooooo boooooooring) who was a West Coast Eagles supporter. Ok, I wasn’t going to let that get the better of me, we could change that. After telling him I like Essendon (who wouldn’t?) he asks me another stupid question, “Are you from Melbourne?”. Ahh yes I am Mister, I am from the most awesome city on the planet, where are you from Mars? He drops a bombshell “I’m from Perth”. Hmm, I could just handle the Eagles thing, but this was too much. Gorgeous Mister was not only from the other side of the country but from a place not many Victorians know much about. It was all really strange, and before we leave we exchange numbers. We met the following night for a drink and a dance but he was leaving the day after that.

Three days later from my west coast encounter, I was just getting my whit’s together when Mister rang me. We spent about three or four hours on the phone together and had a great time. From there on, we always talked on the phone, got to know each other and developed a sort-of long distance relationship. Mister came back to visit me two months later and two months after that I went to Hawaii for 10 days and then went to Perth for a long weekend. It was my first time in this strange land. I was not used to this wide-open space and an area code that began with 08. It was like Adelaide (who shares the same area code of 08) only it was Perth. My first weekend in Perth turn out to be wonderful. Mister told me all about himself and his family, showed me around and then took me home to meet his parents.

How does one describe Perth? Well it doesn’t really resemble anything that I’ve seen before. It’s a smaller city, but one thing that stuck out was it was so clean. You won’t find rubbish on the streets or cigarette butts and whathaveyou but it was just really clean. It’s not as populated as Melbourne and thus not many places are open on a Sunday, if not at all. The residents frequent the beautiful city beaches such as Cottesloe, Scarborough, Trigg and many more. My personal favourite is Cottesloe. I have spent many a weekened there working on my tan and swimming in the gorgeous blue ocean.
One place Mister did take me was to the Little Creatures Brewery, which I had never heard of before he took me there. Before we went I wasn’t too impressed as I don’t drink beer and what on earth would I do at a brewery? However, Little Creatures is located on the Fremantle foreshore (I’ve wanted to live there since I first saw it and damm it I will work on that goal even if it kills me) overlooking the water. Yes it serves the Little Creatures beer but the menu will leave you impressed. Seafood is of course the main point of going there as they catch the fish fresh each day. My personal favourite has always been the Fish of the Day meal as it changes each time and the fish is cooked to perfection. The top crust is embedded with different herbs and cooked till it’s almost burnt, giving it a crunchy texture which accompanies a side of chips and salad. You must also try the marinated octopus. With the risk of sounding like a Gen Y; it’s awesomeness! After Little Creatures we embarked on a trip to the city.
As mentioned Perth is a clean city, so I was happy to venture out. To me, Perth only has two winter months of the year and the rest is hot, hot, hot. I went in August when it’s supposed to be cold everywhere else except that weekend I was there. Singlet and shorts was my uniform but it’s Mister’s uniform everyday! As we were driving Mister explained every detail to me. We crossed the Narrows Bridge on the freeway, showed me the Bell Tower along the foreshore and went for a walk along the Murray and Hay Streets Malls (trying to be like Melbourne with our Bourke Street Mall ha!). The good thing about Perth is that because it is small, there aren’t alot of landmarks and you can spend the day to appreciate each one.

One night for dinner Mister asked me what I would like to eat. I suggested Asian of course! He took me to Hans Cafe in Northbridge. They are a chain of Asian restaurants but man they are good! Northbridge really stuck out for me. Its artsy and a bit alternative and raw. This suburb is known for having a few bar fights here or there but I am a firm believer in don’t go looking for trouble. I have been to Northbridge plenty of times since my first visit and have never seen or been in a fight. To me it’s a very creative place. Plenty of shop walls on the outside are covered in gorgeous graffiti artwork, not tagging. Mister wanted to take me back to Northbridge for dinner again and talked me into eating at an Italian restaurant called Valentino’s on the corner of James and Lake Streets. We both ordered what we thought were simple pasta meals but we were not disappointed. Make sure you order the the vanilla pannacotta for desert!

This was surely not going to be my last visit to Perth and of course, seeing my new Mister.

 Murray Street Mall

 Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle, is always buzzing! Brewery and restaurant all in one!

 Stunning Cottesloe Beach with the gorgeous blue water!