Have you ever watched Masterchef and thought “yeah I could do that” and then try to cook a fabulous meal only to fail? Well this has occurred to me several times, however, now there’s a new secret weapon to add to your pantry. Marion Grasby from the 2010 season of Masterchef has her own cooking range out now in major supermarkets. There’s an extensive range to choose from and more importantly they are Asian inspired meals ready to be perfected in an Australian household. Thai Green Curry has always been a favourite of mine and I really love how Asian dishes add so many vegetables. In the past 2 – 3 years I have really taken a liking to vegetables but have struggled to cook them and add them to main meals as they always taste dry and don’t have any flavour. And seriously, Homer Simpson was right when he said “you don’t win friends with salad”!

I was at Woolworths (it will always be Safeway to me!) and came across Marion’s cooking range. Naturally the Thai Green Curry stuck out immediately. I was a bit hesitant because as much as I love eating it the only thing I knew about cooking it from scratch was that it contains coconut cream and chicken and that’s about it. Very limiting. As I was reading the back of the Marion’s Kitchen package I was gaining self confidence at rapid speed and thought sure, I’ll give it a go. What could go wrong, right?

I sure was wrong or right or wrong, depends on how you look at it. Marion’s recipe for the perfect homemade Thai Green Curry was the most superb meal I have ever had! Best of all I made it myself and it was homemade not from the jar I had cooked it all from scratch! It tasted so real and it allowed me to experiment with vegetables and I have also tried it with noodles. That was Mister’s idea and not bad too might I add.

Marion has made her range really simple. You can add more ingredients if you want or you can take some out. With her Thai Green Curry kit if you want it really spicy add all the curry paste otherwise you don’t have to add much. It also comes with dried herbs and chilli to add, you don’t have to add the chilli if you prefer not to. I personally am not a huge fan of pre-dried herbs so I added my own fresh from my grandmother’s garden (sorry Marion, it’s just something I’m used to and I do it with everything else), I live in an apartment complex so I don’t have a garden…yet!
Marion’s range is really easy, the Thai Green Curry only takes four steps and you’re on your way to a culinary delight! Firstly start with the curry paste on a low heated frying pan, add the coconut milk and water, then the dried herbs and fish sauce and lastly add the bamboo shoots, vegetables you desire and whatever meat you choose whether it is chicken or prawns. It’s that easy! I added as many vegetables as I could and have even experimented with adding tofu instead of chicken. Guess what? It is easily the easiest meal I have ever made, tastes amazing and you can chop and change all the vegetables you want to add. I feel a lot better knowing that Mister and I are adding fresh foods to our lunches and dinners. Mister hates eating vegetables but he has really taken to this! I have Marion to thank for that!

All in all, Marion Grasby you are an amazing woman. Thank you for going on Masterchef and making me salivate at all the dishes you prepared and most importantly, you have changed the way I prepare, cook and devour Asian meals! Make sure you head right away to your nearest supermarket and start experimenting and enjoying Asian cuisine for the Masterchef in all of us!