The year is 2009 and I have moved to live in Perth with Mister. I made the decision to leave my gorgeous Melbourne because Mister had a really great job in Perth and I was doing reception work (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I was not going to have a career at my place of employment.
At the end of the year, just before Christmas, Mister and I went on a camping trip with Sir Robbo, Mister’s best friend, to a gorgeous, seaside, surfing district known as Yallingup where we organised accommodation at a campsite. I’m not really much of a camper as I love the creature comforts a hotel has to offer but I thought for a weekend I could suck it up.
How wrong was I! Yallingup is gorgeous and located in Western Australia’s South West region but we camped in a tent, with no mattress to sleep on and no proper showers so I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Power outlets were outside on the campsite and it was boiling hot. I still bought along my hair straightener to touch up my hair and I dreaded showering. There were mosquitoes, moths and God knows what else flying above while I showered. At night only alcohol could put me in a deep slumber as falling asleep was hard work. We had sleeping bags and no mattress so we were basically sleeping on the ground with nothing but the floor of the tent to separate us. I don’t know about you but mosquitoes love my blood so I woke up covered in bites. Thank God for Stingoes!

Aside from having to shower with insects, sleep on the floor and straighten my hair in front of a crowd of people (go on judge me if you will but I am a princess at heart and clearly not made for the great outdoors!) Yallingup Beach is a spectacular sight! Crystal white sand and blue water, it was made for swimming. Mister and Sir Robbo had decided this camping trip to be their surfing weekend and boy did they surf! I’m a swimmer, been swimming since I was three and have all my relevant badges but I can’t surf so it was not for me (and also I had straight hair which would really annoy me if it got wet!).

When the boys got tired of surfing we did a tour of some of the wineries. Nearby is Margaret River which boasts some of the best wineries on the west coast of Australia. Our favourite was the Duckstein Brewery. It’s not just beer, which made me happy as I don’t drink beer but I sure did indulge in a glass of white wine accompanied by a cheese platter. The Duckstein Brewery overlooks a lake and the views of its winery are spectacular. It’s such a popular destination, particularly for Oktoberfest where you have to purchase tickets early and fast! We would spend hours at the Duckstein. The lovely staff, amazing food and did I mention the wine was delicious!

Yallingup is roughly a three hour drive from Perth but well worth the wait. The nearest town where you can do all your grocery shopping and what not is in Dunsborough which is just as picturesque. During the day the boys and I would visit Yallingup Beach (I would bake, they would surf) and at night we would have dinner and a few drinks in Dunsborough. It was a spectacular weekend. I was not ready to go back to work on the Monday. As mentioned the boys did a lot of surfing and I was more than happy to lie on the beach, soak up the sun, stroll through Yallingup and even trek into Dunsborough town and have a stroll through there. Country towns have that special something whereby as a city slicker I could never live anywhere other than a city (so moving to Perth was that much harder as it’s one big country town of a city!) but I do enjoy getting out of the hustle and bustle every now and then and rejuvenating my soul.

I lived in Perth for two years and it was the only time we went to Yallingup, every time we planned to go something else would come up and therefore having to cancel our trip.
I would definitely put camping in Yallingup on your bucket list. Nowhere in the world will you ever see a place like it. Yallingup has several campsites to choose from and yes if I were to plan a trip there right now I would camp again because when in Rome, do as the Romans. It would be completely idiotic of me to rent a summer house, however, the thought has crossed my mind several times….

 Yallingup Beach

 Me (blonde at the time) sunning myself rather than swimming!

 Yes, actual proof that I straightened my hair in public

 My superb, delicious cheese platter from the Duckstein Brewery

 The view of the Duckstein Brewery, you get a real sense of serenity there

  The first time I ever witnessed Mister surf and I was rather impressed!