Like most Australians, you’re not a true Aussie if you haven’t been to Bali. So I set off on our pilgrimage to Bali in order to do what Australian’s do best; drink, party and shop!

It was in March 2010 and Mister had bought us return tickets from Air Asia to go to Bali for my birthday (such a sweet man!). My mother had been to Bali years ago, so I too was keen to see it. Our tickets were only $160 return including taxes from Perth. Air Asia, you are simply the best.

Everyone talks about how cheap Bali is, however, you have to experience it for yourself. Cocktails can be purchased for only a few dollars! Can you believe it? Instead of spending around $20 at any bar in Melbourne, you can purchase the same cocktail for around $3 if that! I didn’t want to leave.

When we arrived in Bali it was around 11pm and some of Mister’s friends were already there and waiting for us so we could hit the town, Kuta town that is! We partied at all the major bars: Paddy’s, Embargo, The Bounty, you name it we were there! The Balinese are friendly folk although like with every country you have to be careful who you trust. Some are very quick to take your money!

We woke the next day feeling seedy but ready to take on whatever the day threw at us! Bali during the day is just gorgeous, the sun smiles down upon you and warms the skin, it really is a little piece of heaven on earth! We stayed for 12 days at the Pelangi Bali Hotel in the hip and trendy Seminyak district. It was a beautiful place, on the beach front and the staff was just amazing! They even shouted me a birthday cake on my day and a letter from the staff wishing me a happy birthday! How cool is that?! Make sure to stay there as it has the  most amazing swim-up pool bar in the world!

Mister had been to Bali at least 4 times prior to this visit so he was more than happy to let me wonder around. He knows Bali like the back of his hand and I’m more than happy to wonder and get lost, then figure out how to get back on track. See, match made in heaven!
The Balinese are really accommodating people. Their convenience stores helps reduce homesickness by supplying Weetbix (I was so stoked!) and other foods.

Bali has many spa’s and it is definitely something you should use to your advantage. A simple, yet refreshing, facial can cost around AUD$8. I was having a facial every day. Mani’s, pedi’s and massage’s, it was fast becoming my home away from home. I was in love.
As mentioned Bali is really accommodating and they love Australian’s. There are many Australian-themed bars (mostly owned by retired Australian’s who don’t have to work much, yet can live the life of luxury forever) and I kid you not we ate some of the best steaks there. But you shouldn’t really go overseas just to do the same thing you do at home. Some of the best restaurants with superbly produced food were simply made in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant with dimly lit lights that didn’t really look that appealing. Man those meals were the greatest. Bali isn’t exactly a hygiene-healthy place either and I can’t stand germs! Mister thought I was going to get Bali-belly and ruin the whole trip but I found that by not caring and simply adapting to your surrounding environment I was fine! No illnesses!

Bali is a very humble place. There is a beautiful memorial in Kuta dedicated to all the lives lost in the Bali bombings. Some of my family were a bit worried about us going to Bali but I refuse to stop my life just because a bunch of crazy people decide to bomb a city. If a bomb does detonate and I am near it, well then it’s my time to go. However, till that day comes I won’t stop living my life.

Kuta Square features some of the most amazing shops, lined up one after another, then the markets follow and without even realising it you can walk right through two or three suburbs without knowing. The markets would start in Seminyak and we would walk through Seminyak, Legian and then make our way into Kuta. By day’s end my legs would be killing me but it was all worth it.

My birthday in Bali was awesome so stay tuned for part two!

Our first night in Bali and I was already caught in a cage dancing for my life! This was a The Bounty bar.

Mister and I outside our beautiful hotel Pelangi Bali in Seminyak

Mister indulging in a beer courtesy of the swim-up pool bar behind him at our hotel.

Ok so we ate Indian food in Bali but this goes to show you the array of food and it was delicious!