Is there no better pleasure in life than going out for a morning meal and ordering the big breakfast? I love ordering a big breakfast and if you can’t tell from my other pictures, I’m not a big girl. Usually a big breakfast will keep me satisfied until the evening and even then I’ll only have a small meal for dinner. However, eating a big breakfast every morning is not good and more often than not, if you are going to order it at a restaurant, sometimes it’s not cooked “healthily”.

So how do you make a big breakfast healthy? Well to start with, do you really need a side of sausages? I know, I know, if they are a staple in your diet at least eliminate it from breakfast.
I made Mister my version of a big breakfast and he loved it! I made him a hash brown, mushrooms, an egg and toast.

Hash browns can be purchased from your local supermarket in the deli section and they’re very cheap. Just thrown them in the oven and while they’re cooking you can prepare the rest of the food.
I just adore mushrooms, they are just little, light pieces of food and sometimes I substitute them for chips. Don’t judge me; they’re a lot healthier than chips, aren’t they? Steam the mushrooms, lightly fry the egg with cooking oil spray rather than throwing oil in a frying pan and toast your bread. And there you have it, Bob’s your uncle! A lovely big breakfast right at home, cooked healthier and cheaper than purchasing in a restaurant! Plus you can cook and eat it in your pyjamas!