Stuck on what to make for dinner? I find that happens a lot to me and with both Mister and I having busy schedules, I can either opt for McDonald’s or satay chicken. While having satay chicken every night might sound appealing to some, and I am one of them, I don’t think Mister would appreciate coming home after a hard day’s work to yet-again the same thing we’ve been eating for the past week, chicken satay.

I love steak and veg. There’s no better combination. You get your iron from red meat and the power that comes from eating vegetables. I will post a picture of my version of steak and veg but feel free to add any other vegetables you prefer. The sky’s the limit as there is no stopping what vegetables to use!

I love my meat red, bloody and just juicy. I used to be anaemic and I refuse to take medication so my doctor told me to start eating a lot of red meat. My grandmother showed me how to cook it and for about three years I won’t eat it any other way.

I think in a past life I must have been an Irish woman. I love potatoes. Always have and always will. And I don’t discriminate; I eat all kinds of potatoes. Mashed, roasted, fried, you name it, I’ll eat it! Although for this dish I roast the potatoes with vegetables as it’s the healthier option. With potatoes, I’ll add capsicum (green, yellow or red, it doesn’t matter), carrot, onion and garlic. I just love whole garlic cloves roasted, they taste like butter! Occasionally I’ll add mushroom and corn, it just depends if I have bought it. And of course no Australian steak and veg meal would be complete with a fried egg. I love eggs, and again, cooked anyway I’ll eat them. All you have to do is cook the meat on a BBQ, throw the vegetables in the oven and just sit back and relax until they’re all cooked! A simple, yet delicious and healthy meal you can have 3-4 times a week (well for the red meat side of things!).