After surviving the first couple of night’s in Bali my birthday had arrived and it all started with my birthday eve. Mister and I created our own pub crawl throughout Kuta and you can imagine I was really “sore” the next day; however it was a fun night!
It’s amazing what you can buy in Bali. I had never heard of a “fishbowl” before and before you know it we were at The Bounty bar (again!) and Mister had ordered me fishbowl. Well it certainly was a fishbowl filled with some sickly-sweet alcoholic beverage that makes you think you can guzzle about 20 of them but you can only really drink about two. Somehow I managed to drink two and Mister drank three. In between drinking fishbowls we played pool and enjoyed the night dancing in various bars. It was a brilliant night.

The next day I was feeling rather seedy and it didn’t help that we had planned to ride an elephant! I love elephants. There’s something so pure and so genuine about an elephant, it makes you wonder how a poacher can someone kill them for their tusks, they are just gorgeous. Our elephant’s name was Orla and she was a beautiful 28 year old. Orla reminded me of me; queen of the castle and played by her own rules because she chased away other animals with us and her keeper on top! We got to feed her and take pictures with her, she was just beautiful!

Later that evening Mister and I were getting ready for dinner. That’s all I knew, I was going out to dinner. There was a lot of secrecy surrounding this “dinner”. When we were ready Mister even ran out ahead of me from the hotel and I saw he was talking to a man with a van. He later told me he ran ahead to warm the man not to tell me where we were going. At this moment I was thinking “he has either organised to kill me or this will be a lovely surprise”. I choose the latter solution. I said hello to this gentleman and was in the van on my way to “dinner”. We drove for about 15 minutes and then the van came to a sudden stop in front of a row of beach front restaurants in Jimbaran Bay. The restaurant Mister had booked our dinner was called Fortune, a seafood restaurant, and they organise a driver to pick you up from your hotel and take you back. Also Mister had booked the beach front table, also known as the Honeymoon table and some of the locals thought we were on our honeymoon, so we ate our food watching the waves of the ocean on the first row! And it gets better; the food is purchased by the weight and cooked to your liking. We had plates of fried calamari, grilled fish, just about everything! It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me! Bali was so amazing and Mister had given me the best birthday I’ve ever had!

The fun hasn’t stop yet so stay tuned for part three of this Balinese adventure!


Me with the infamous fishbowl the night before my birthday

Mister and I on top of Orla our elephant. She was just gorgeous!

Me feeding Orla

At the Fortune restaurant in Jimbaran Bay. This was our table, literally the best seat in the house!

The main point of visiting Jimbaran Bay is this beautiful sunset. Mister really went out of his way to make sure I had the best birthday in the world! Mission accomplished!