If you ever wanted to see a beautiful sunset, Bali sure is the place to go. I would purposely leave our hotel room and have an “early” dinner around 5.30-6 just to watch the sun turn the sky orange. It was the most breathtaking sight I have ever witnessed.
My Balinese adventure with Mister was far from over. We still had to trek to Ubud and go the volcano. It was quite strange because Kuta and the surrounding towns were hot, sticky hot, and then you visit the volcano on the same day in shorts and a t-shirt and its freezing. It’s a very different atmosphere there. We had also booked to go white water rafting. There’s nothing like water sports in Bali. Because they don’t have many rules and safety guidelines to follow, it is quite possible to have a dangerous water adventure. Nonetheless, I was always cautious. I have only have one life but I want to live it well. Fly fishing was amazing.

It’s not what you think and I certainly thought it involved actual fishing. Luckily for me, all I had to was hold on tight lying down to a sort of square shaped biscuit. It was attached by a rope to a speed boat and due to physics, which I am such a master at, as the speed boat gathers momentum, it pushes the biscuit in the air. Looking down, it makes you hold on tighter because it is a long way down into the water and you are not strapped into anything. I’m not scared of heights but this was the ultimate adrenalin rush.

When visiting Bali, do not miss out on Waterbom Park. Yes it’s another water park but a water park in Bali, so again, rules are a little relaxed. At one point before going down a slide on a biscuit with Mister, he was asked by the lifeguard if we wanted to go backwards. Mister “accidently on purpose” forgot to tell me and before I knew it I was going down a waterslide backwards in the dark and feeling my stomach turn. Luckily I wasn’t sick!

Sadly, our adventure was coming to an end but before we left we went to Uncle Norm’s Bar. Put this one on your Bali bucket list. Uncle Norm’s is a good-time place, where the music flows, customers can dance anywhere and the food and drinks just keep coming out. Uncle Norm is always there and will dance with you if you ask him. Such a friendly place and person, Uncle Norm will take care of your needs. The staff are fantastic! They will not only serve you your food and drinks but play card tricks, tell jokes and get involved in the good times.
The days following Uncle Norm’s, Mister and I took it easy as we were heading back home. It was a solemn feeling when we were boarding the plane. I truly had a fantastic time wanted to stay. That’s the thing about holidays; I never get over them and want to live everywhere. I haven’t been back to Bali, however, rest assured Bali I will return!

It's actually quite cold at the volcano site.

MIster and I getting our pose on before we go white water rafting.

You better believe it! Mister and I are lying down only holding on to rope and the biscuit is going higher and higher!

Mister and I going down a waterslide at Waterbom Park

Me with the friendly and hilarious staff at Uncle Norm's Bar. See the humour?

With the world-famous Uncle Norm, we had just finished dancing!