Fibre is one of those elements we need to consume but just don’t get enough of. And I usually find with myself, no matter how much fibre I think I’m eating, I should probably be eating more. Are you the same? If you are, well I may have found the answer.
Recently, I slept over my uncle and auntie’s house as I was babysitting my cousins for the night. Mister stayed at home and watched the footy all night long! In the morning, I was helping my aunt make breakfast for the kids and then for us. I asked her if I could have a fruit salad as I love having fruit for breakfast. I find it keeps me full all day long and I have the energy of 20 men, even though I’m only a little thing! My aunt gave me a banana, frozen blueberries, apricot and yoghurt. Then she asked if I wanted to drizzle some passionfruit over it. I’m a sucker for those passionfruit seeds so I said why not.And then she asked me if I wanted to put some Fibre Toppers on it. Fibre Toppers, what on earth is that? Well from Kellogg’s I give you All-Bran Fibre Toppers, these little pieces of fibre bran which is perfect with fruit and can also be added on salad’s plus it provides you with 33% of your daily fibre needs. They taste great and go so perfectly with fruit. When I went home that day, I went straight to the shops and bought it! Mister was unsure in the beginning but once he tried it, he loved it!

Thanks Kellogg’s!

From one fruit nut to another, make sure you purchase Kellogg’s All-Bran Fibre Toppers for a little more “kick” in your day!