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Ahh Milano, a fashionista’s paradise. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Aside from the ridiculous amount of shopping I did in Milan, Mister and I had a wonderful time. Friendly people, clean city, and the food. OH. MY. GOD! It was 4 days of pure heaven.
Milan reminded me of Melbourne. Cosmopolitan city with trams. I felt right at home. One of the best restaurants Rossopomodoro has become a favourite of ours. Friendly, funny waiters play a games with visitors and it was easy for me as I can speak Italian. And then there was Duomo. A marvelous area filled with history, you just have to be there to appreciate it. Mister and I only spent a short time in Milan and spent most of it relaxing and wondering in and out of stores and alleyways. A second trip to Milan is definitely on my bucket list!

Milan's Duomo

Milan’s Duomo

Via Torino in Milan, the street where our hotel was located. Trams, just like Melbourne.

Via Torino in Milan, the street where our hotel was located. Trams, just like Melbourne.

Yes, that pizza is from Rossopomodoro and I was quite upset to be sharing!

Yes, that pizza is from Rossopomodoro and I was quite upset to be sharing!




I think I have just discovered my signature dish? Perfect, on the healthy side, low in sugar and I made it! Yes I made it! It’s my Moroccan Chicken with Coconut Rice, Lemongrass, Kidney Beans and Chickpeas. I’m just impressed I made the coconut rice all on my own! Well, I had a little help from a fabulous friend of mine who told me how to make it but the fact that I did it counts, right?


Chicken breast (cut into as big or as small chunks that you prefer)
2x teaspoons of mustard powder
2x teaspoons of mixed spice
2x teaspoons of ground cloves
2x teaspoons of turmeric
pinch of salt and pepper
Half an onion
1x garlic clove
1x quarter of lemongrass stick
1x can of chickpeas
1x can of kidney beans
1x can of coconut cream
1x cup of rice
1 1/2 cups of water


Combine, the rice, water and coconut cream in a pot and bring to the boil. Once it’s boiling, bring it down to a simmer.
Slice the onion and garlic as you prefer then brown in a frying pan. In a bowl combine the turmeric  salt, pepper, ground cloves, mixed spice and mustard powder.
Add chicken and cook.
Once chicken is cooked add lemongrass, kidney beans and chickpeas.
Immediately after add the combined spices and cook for 5 mins.


Moroccan Chicken with Lemongrass, Kidney Beans, Chickpeas and Coconut Rice

Moroccan Chicken with Lemongrass, Kidney Beans, Chickpeas and Coconut Rice

For a fine dining experience one simply cannot go past KoKo Teppanyaki in Melbourne’s Crown Casino. There you will witness some of the greatest chefs perfecting the Japanese cooking art of teppanyaki, throwing crockery and food.

Mister and I spoiled ourselves one evening to this great cuisine where our chef, Kevin, who perfectly cooked our chicken and fish meals right in front of our eyes followed by a delicious cocktail. Hay, when in Rome!

Our selection of food for the evening included squid, beef, chicken and prawns were perfectly seasoned and served elegantly on our plates. Watching Kevin literally throw his cooking utensils and catch them without fail was an amazing sight. It’s a kind of “dinner and show” experience for the whole family and if you’ve never had teppanyaki before I highly recommend this for your bucket list!

Go on, spoil yourselves on evening. And I personally recommend their “Hallucination” cocktail!



Our chef Kevin



The lovely Hallucination cocktail

It was Saturday afternoon and I was exhausted. Mister could see how tired I was and knew the last thing I wanted to do was think about what we would have for dinner and then actually cook it. He suggested we go out. Ok, where would we go? We live in the middle of Melbourne city, so the possibilities are endless. Well so we thought, every place we rang was booked out. It was a 38 degree night so chances are everyone in Melbourne thought it would be nice to go out as well.
We had a look inside the Entertainment Book (best thing ever!) and came across Pacific Rim Thai Restaurant. To me, you can’t go wrong with Thai. It’s a little piece of heaven on a plate. Mister rang and made a reservation for us to go.
Inside the restaurant, it is gorgeous. It must have been a house at one point but now we found it to be a welcoming restaurant with attentive and friendly staff. Ok, now for the best part.. the food. It was brilliant! I always order Thai Green Curry with rice but this time we went for something different. Our entre was Roti with Satay Sauce (it was gobbled in seconds!) and we shared the mains of Seafood Hot Plate and Chicken and Cashew Nut with rice. It’s moments like these where I thank God for being alive to taste such exquisite food! The Roti was cut into four pieces (good because it looked amazing and I was hungry, therefore I didn’t really want to share!) ready to be dipped into the satay sauce. After my first bite, I wanted more. Mister and I lapped it all up perfectly and I could have probably eaten it all night long. The satay sauce was lovely, tasted like real peanuts and a smooth texture.

The Seafood Hot Plate was a combination of prawns, squid, scallops and vegetables cooked in red curry sauce. It was lovely to eat at first but once you swallowed it the spice kicked in. The squid was cooked to perfection. Sometimes it can be rubbery but this one melted in your mouth! I’m not usually a fan of scallops but I sure ate these. They really took to the red curry sauce and did not have a fishy smell or taste to them. And the prawns? Well you can’t go to wrong with prawns, they were amazing.

The Chicken and Cashew Nut dish was complete with vegetables, however, a lot more simpler but in a good way. It had what I think to be a slight soy sauce cooked with the chicken, vegetables and cashews and the food lapped up the sauce perfectly. Usually I always find pieces of fat on chicken when I eat out, but the chicken in this dish had none. Score!

Clean and a relaxing atmosphere Pacific Rim Thai Restaurant, you will be seeing me again soon! The best part is if you don’t want to eat there they do take away and home delivery.

For more information: Pacific Rim Thai Restaurant, 68 Bridport Street, Albert Park VIC, 9690 5948 or

20120305-144809.jpgSeafood Hot Plate

20120305-144855.jpg Chicken and Cashew Nut